3 Moments that Forever Changed my Financial Trajectory

There are times in life when you do something or learn something that will permanently change how you think of things going forward.

Those inflection points usually seem so happenstance and sometimes insignificant at the time, but they profoundly change the direction of your life. Continue reading “3 Moments that Forever Changed my Financial Trajectory”

Our Financial Un-independence

As I wrote my first few posts on this blog, I spent a lot of time thinking about what aspects of my life I should share with you all. I’m not at all interested in publishing lies about myself, because the whole point of the blog is to hold me accountable for my financial decisions and to make a time capsule of how my life looks at each step along this winding road to financial independence.

At the same time, I’m hesitant to publish the whole truth. Continue reading “Our Financial Un-independence”

Mr. Chedda Quit His Job! (Or, the Unpredictability of Having Piles of Money)

This post is sponsored by a wonderful bourbon/OJ drink that I’m currently drinking and that helped me to open up about the unpredictability of my life in its current state.

Today Mr. Chedda told his boss’ boss that he’s quitting and his last day on the job will be two weeks from now.

He doesn’t yet have a new job lined up, and he probably won’t receive any paycheck for the next six months or so. Continue reading “Mr. Chedda Quit His Job! (Or, the Unpredictability of Having Piles of Money)”

$500k in 5 Years

The Origin Story

Around New Year’s Day at the start of 2015, Mr. Chedda and I had a heart-to-heart financial goal setting session. Based on our current account balances and what we thought we could save over the next few years, we decided on a five year financial plan: get to $500k net worth by 2020.

So, how are we doing so far? Continue reading “$500k in 5 Years”