Our Expenses – February 2017

February was an excellent, excellent month in the Chedda household. I feel happier right this moment than I ever have before (to preserve the specifics of the moment for my future memory: I’m cozied up on the couch with my favorite blanket, finishing up a quesadilla and some sparkling water, listening to Elgar, tallying up monthly expenses, and Mr. Chedda just temporarily abandoned the video he’s watching on quantum mechanics and walked in and gave me a kiss on the head.)

I don’t quite know why, but I like the upward trend in contentment that I’ve been experiencing the past few months. But this is a financial blog, so let’s focus on the upward trend in money! And the downward trend in expenses.

We bought a bunch of music equipment this month. Mr. Chedda and I are both really interested in music in general, and we own a piano, two clarinets, an oboe, a trumpet, and a ukulele. So, while our expenses were really barebones this month, we did buy a few toys to go along with our instruments!

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October Hobby Update

I’m frugal, employed full-time, and still unpacking all the junk left over from our wedding celebration, but I’m trying not to let stuff like that distract me from the real spice of life: hobbies!

October was a great month in for Chedda World hobbies. My favorite hobbies all meet my three paramount qualifications for hobby fun-ness—they’re inexpensive, make me feel happy, and can be done from bed (I do have some rare non-bed hobbies as well). Continue reading “October Hobby Update”