Hi team! I’m Ellie, a DC area lady in my twenties who loves collecting piles of money and the freedom that comes with that. I work in data analysis/data science for the federal government and I love to read, knit, play ukulele and clarinet, and do crossword puzzles. Along with greatly enjoying activities that can be done from my bed, I like cycling and exploring my city!

Here are some recent milestones in my life:

  • I got married
  • My (our) stash reached $300k
  • I hit my goodreads goal of reading 50 books in 2016, mostly consisting of sci fi, fantasy, and a weirdly long streak of books about Mt. Everest

My husband, Mr. Chedda, is another avid cheese lover. He bakes great bread, plays piano, dabbles in photography,  and generally brightens my life.

So, nice to meet you and we’re glad you stopped by!

Feel free to reach out with:

  • financial questions
  • questions about data science
  • pictures of puppies
  • guest post ideas
  • really anything else

You can talk to me on reddit where I’m /u/misschedda (the account predates both my marriage and this blog) or you can email me at contactus AT thechedda DOT com.