The (Job) Hunt is Over

More money, fewer problems? That’s what I was aiming for in my job hunt, and I think I got it!

I got offered the job that was my top choice! I did some negotiation! And yesterday I accepted the offer! Today I handed in my 2 weeks’ notice at my current job! Boom! Things are happening!

On a calmer note, let me proceed.

This blog is about money, so let’s talk money.

My new base salary is a 36% raise over my current salary and I’m getting a signing bonus of $7,500 in my first or second paycheck. There’s also a potential for a year end bonus in the thousands of dollars (it will be prorated for 2017), which I never had at my current federal job or any past job.

The 401(k) match is great—7.5% of my salary. That’s even better than my federal TSP match, which is only 5%.

There’s an Employee Stock Purchase Plan at the new job that I don’t have all the details on yet, but some back of the envelope calculations put it at earning me a potential ~$4,000 a year.

They say the proof’s in the pudding, so here’s some pudding:

 Old JobNew JobChange
Base salary$65,000$90,000+$25,000
End-of-year Bonus$0$4,000-$8,000 for satisfactory performance+$4,000?
Signing Bonus$0$7,500+$7,500
401(k)/TSP match$3,250$6,750+$6,750
Employee Stock Purchase Plan$0~$4,000+$4,000
A weird selfie of my winter interview outfit: dress, blazer, and outer coat. I swear it doesn’t look this lumpy and ill-fitting in real life!

I’m so glad that my “side gig” paid off! I probably worked 140 hours on updating my resume and sending it out, interview prep, and actual interviewing. Just going off the increase in my base salary for the first year, that’s an almost $200 per hour wage! Holy moly.

Besides all that money talk, I’ll learn some new technologies at my new job. I like my current job, but I was starting to get afraid that I was losing my edge because it just hasn’t been challenging to me for several months. I’m really excited to be thrust into some projects I don’t understand, so I can expand my brain!

This is the pen I used for the writing parts of my interview. I accidentally stole it 😮

In addition, the company I’m going to is fairly large and has several departments. From speaking with contacts I have who already work there, I know that people are pretty free to move between departments and move up the ladder. Both types of career movement interest me, and neither is available to me at my current job.

I’m just so psyched I had to bang out a post and put the new job out there!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well on Twitter (@ellie_chedda) and reddit (misschedda), and who wrote encouraging comments on my post about interviewing as a side hustle! You’re the best!!!

Note: I’m just gonna combine my January and February income/net worth posts at this point, because I was too busy interview prepping to get the January one out promptly. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “The (Job) Hunt is Over”

  1. Wowza, congratulations! It’s always great to find a job that pays more and lets you learn new things! The extra money and nice retirement match isn’t that bad either. 😉 Hopefully that raise will speed up your FIRE!

    1. Thanks! That’s the goal!! We don’t have any kind of definite FIRE timeline yet because we’re so far away, but this could totally shave a few years off!

    1. Yep, absolutely. I do think we’ll move, which will incur some expenses. But in general I hope to keep living on the same amount while earning a lot more 😀

    1. Thanks! I think you’re right, but I’ve only gained my current skill set over the past 3 years, so my salary has been quickly increasing. I started at $42k so $65k seemed great, and now $90k seems amazing!

      And thanks for mentioning Mathematica–I’ll keep it in the back of my mind. I would LOVE to get into educational research one day because I just think it’s so ripe for a more quantitative view.

      1. There’s a lot of quantitative research done in education… mostly by economists.

        Btw, I mean Mathematica the economic consulting company, not the software company in case that wasn’t clear. They don’t just do education–I think their D.C. Office might do more health. But they hire people with your skill set as data analysts.

  2. Congratulations! That 401k match is awesome (I’m jealous). Good luck with your new job! I’m sure the transition will be quite exciting. Are you nervous about things being weird at your current job now that you’re leaving?

    (I’ve been trying to post this comment since yesterday, but it seems to keep getting lost in limbo, so sorry if multiple comments show up.)

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