Net Worth and Income – November 2015

It’s been an excellent month in the Chedda household. My knitted monsters are coming along nicely, we celebrated a joyous Thanksgiving with Mr. Chedda’s family, and Mr. Chedda put in his notice at his shoddy job.

I covered the expenses side of the month’s money happenings yesterday—we kept our spending on groceries pretty low but paid for two weekend trips and a new laptop. Now let’s delve into the income and net worth side of things.

Net worth is near the end of the post. Savings rate is in the middle. Income is…right here. Boom! Here you go!


My paycheck$2,188
Mr. Chedda's paycheck$2,475
Mr. Chedda's bonus$1,531
Selling textbooks$148
Bank account opening bonus$100

Looks nice! Here are some details:

My paycheck is pretty constant, so that’s a number you’ll get used to seeing. Mr. Chedda, however, worked tons of overtime this month since his boss quit, so his paycheck amount is very inflated. He also received a bonus for doing great work last quarter! (Don’t ask me why it came in the middle of November…)

Every month for the past several years Mr. Chedda has received $1,200 from his generous parents. We never count on it, because they could stop giving it at any time, but it’s definitely a wonderful boost that goes straight to our investment pile.

We also made a bit of side-hustle money this month. Most of it was from our dabbling in novice-level textbook arbitrage, where if we see newish textbooks at a book sale, we look up how much various book dealers will sell them for and then we buy them for cheap and sell them to those book dealers. It’s extremely easy and this month we made $148.40 on a couple sales!

In addition, we got a $100 bonus for opening a bank account a few months ago and leaving a few hundred dollars in it. Easy money!

Savings Rate

We took home – $7,642.55

We spent – $3,148.55

We saved – $4,494 or 59% of our take home income this month!

Net Worth

  This screenshot is from Mint, which I’ve been using to track our net worth. I like it fine, but I’m also considering switching over to using another app. We’ll see.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind in the stock market. We made a ton of money!

How does our current net worth compare to what we had before? Let me pop that new net worth number into the handy R program I wrote for just this purpose…and:

And the zoomed in version:

You can see from the relative sparseness of data points that I didn’t track our net worth as compulsively in 2015, but I’m getting better. The amount of time between the points I plot is determined by the extremely precise, scientific method of recording my net worth whenever I check Mint and I feel like recording it.

Goal progress

We’re doing great on our $500k in 5 years goal! I hope that Mr. Chedda’s leave of absence from the paid workforce doesn’t hinder our progress too much, but either way, we’re doing well by any measure.

In any case, we have enough saved up to cover $306,921/$3,149 = 97 months or just over 8 years of expenses at the rate we spent in November. That feels really, really good!

If we didn’t have to pay for a place to live, we’d have over 19 years worth of expenses at our November rate saved up. That’s not really a useful statistic, but I was curious, so I checked it.

Perhaps when we reach 25 years of expenses sans rent, we’ll save up a bit more to cover a cheap rent or mortgage and then move to somewhere where we could live off of that. Who knows?

How are you doing on your goals this month?

12 thoughts on “Net Worth and Income – November 2015”

    1. I definitely am! Thanks! I’m really interested to see how close this month’s spending is to the average, though, because if it was a low month that would definitely skew my calculation.

  1. This was one of our best months and we were able to save 78% of our income. Hooray!!! We are trying to stay above 70% savings for the year. I think we another good month that we can do it.

    Thanks for sharing your November!!!

  2. Wow! 59% rocks!! Good for you guys. I love the charts and graphs. I am so bad at those that I just stick to my good ole spreadsheet and envy others from afar. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how the 550k in 5 years works out!

    1. Thank you! And I’m working on a post on basic instructions for making similar graphs of goal numbers versus actual net worth using R programming. It should be super easy to just plug your numbers in!

  3. I attempted to do no spend November but failed miserably. However, it went to a good cause and to moving expenses so I’m perfectly ok with that. My computer is currently on a truck so I don’t have exact numbers but I did but a new NW high! Woo!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hit $500k ahead of schedule, though I suppose it depends on market gains vs your own contributions at this point. 🙂

    1. Yeah our trajectory definitely feels very promising at this point, but we did not feel anywhere near as confident when we were wallowing in that valley at the beginning of 2016…we’ll see what happens!

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