Net Worth and Income – Jan + Feb 2017

Rev yourself up for the first Chedda Income and Net Worth post of 2017! It’s a doozy!

Our expenses were pretty similar in January and February. We paid off a lot of our car loan, but otherwise we were super frugal.

Mr. Market has been really swelling our net worth. I’ve felt rich since we passed about $100k net worth, but now more than ever I’m feeling extra rich! Continue reading “Net Worth and Income – Jan + Feb 2017”

Our Expenses – February 2017

February was an excellent, excellent month in the Chedda household. I feel happier right this moment than I ever have before (to preserve the specifics of the moment for my future memory: I’m cozied up on the couch with my favorite blanket, finishing up a quesadilla and some sparkling water, listening to Elgar, tallying up monthly expenses, and Mr. Chedda just temporarily abandoned the video he’s watching on quantum mechanics and walked in and gave me a kiss on the head.)

I don’t quite know why, but I like the upward trend in contentment that I’ve been experiencing the past few months. But this is a financial blog, so let’s focus on the upward trend in money! And the downward trend in expenses.

We bought a bunch of music equipment this month. Mr. Chedda and I are both really interested in music in general, and we own a piano, two clarinets, an oboe, a trumpet, and a ukulele. So, while our expenses were really barebones this month, we did buy a few toys to go along with our instruments!

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Net Worth and Income – December 2016

Another splendid month has passed, and with it came the end of 2016. We spent the month afar and abroad for the most part, visiting family and friends for the holidays.

And we ended the month much more wealthy than we thought we would!

We kept our expenses pretty low despite all of our travel, and we earned way more than we expected to for a few different reasons. As I’ve been saying to my husband for years: We’re rich! Continue reading “Net Worth and Income – December 2016”

Our Expenses – December 2016

Wow, was December an intense month over here! You may have noticed that I didn’t really set aside time for blog posting this month between all of the rest of the craziness. I was busy!

Mr. Chedda and I were away from our home for most of the month, between a trip to Milwaukee, a trip to Barcelona, France, and Italy, and staying at our parents’ houses for holiday festiveating!

All of that time spent on trips made our expenses really funky this month.

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Net Worth and Income – November 2015

It’s been an excellent month in the Chedda household. My knitted monsters are coming along nicely, we celebrated a joyous Thanksgiving with Mr. Chedda’s family, and Mr. Chedda put in his notice at his shoddy job.

I covered the expenses side of the month’s money happenings yesterday—we kept our spending on groceries pretty low but paid for two weekend trips and a new laptop. Now let’s delve into the income and net worth side of things. Continue reading “Net Worth and Income – November 2015”

Our Expenses – November 2016

Being able to look at the details of other people’s budgets and expenses is one of my favorite things about the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community. It appeals to my voyeuristic side and it’s a no-nonsense way to see exactly how people assign value to different pieces of their lives. I’ve never tracked our household expenses in detail before, but keeping myself accountable is part of the mission of this blog, so here we go!

This month we spent $3,148.55. That seems reasonable, but since I don’t track our expenses on a monthly basis, I can’t really tell how it will stack up against future months. What did all that money buy us? Continue reading “Our Expenses – November 2016”